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Where do I register? Why should I register?

You can register here. It’s free and all you need to enter is an email and username. Registered members can submit posts, delete/view their posts, and access areas of the site non-registered members can’t.

How do I change my password?

You can change your password on the my account page.

How do I view/delete my post?

You can view and delete your posts on the manage classifieds page.

I’ve got an idea for the website…

The website is built by students. If it’s good we’ll put it up and let you manage it ($)! Contact us at:

Can you bring Life After Class to my college?

Contact us at:

Submitting posts

How do I submit a post?

If you’re a registered member, you can submit a post here. Make sure you fill in all fields with a *.
My Post could not be submitted…

You probably forgot to enter a required field (*). Check that you used a real email address and that you typed enough characters for the title and description.

How do clubs/orgs submit a campus event?

Register one username for your club. Read #6 “Clubs and Organizations” in our Terms of Usage before you post. Make sure you fill out all the fields under “For Events Only” on the submit page.

I just submitted a post. Where is it?

Your post will appear on the website as soon as it is approved by an admin. Admins check to make sure your post is legit. If you don’t see it within 24 hours let us know.

Are there certain things that I can’t post?

Check out #4-6 of our terms of usage.

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