Terms of Usage

Terms of Usage

Our terms of usage are in accordance with Bryant University policies.

1. Violation of the Terms of Usage
This website is regulated by our privacy policy and terms of usage. Any member that violates our terms of usage will have their account deactivated, posts deleted, and they will be banned from the website.

2. Registered Members
Only registered members have the ability to submit a post to our website. A registered member must be either a Bryant University club, organization, or student. By registering, you agree to the following terms of usage.

3. Submitting a Post
By posting, you are responsible for the accuracy of the content that you provide. Obscene postings or gross misrepresentation will result in a ban from our website. Slander, defamation, or harassment could result in disciplinary and/or legal consequences.

All comments and submissions to our website are approved by an administrator before they are posted to the website. Administrators check to see that your submission corresponds to the terms of usage before posting. Comments and posts by registered members are not live upon submission. We reserve the right to delete a post for any reason, including violation of our terms of usage.

4. Standards of Conduct
Any violation of Bryant University’s Rights and Responsibilities: Section IV. Campus Standards of Conduct is also a violation of our terms of usage.
Please refer to page 84-87 of your Bryant University Student Handbook for more information.

5. Prohibited Items
Registered members cannot submit items listed under Number 16: Prohibited Items of the Terms and Conditions of the Occupancy and Board Contract, Section A: General Provisions.
Please refer to page 56 of you Bryant University Student Handbook for more information.
In addition, the exchange of Bryant property, (including laptops, furniture, signs) or illegal substances is strictly prohibited.

6. Clubs and Organizations
Clubs and organizations posting events to the website must first have their event approved by the Center for Student Involvement. Clubs and organizations can refer to pages 74-75 of the Bryant University Student Handbook for the policies and scheduling of campus events and activities. Clubs or organizations that submit an event that violates these policies will not have their event posted.

Club and organization events can only be submitted by the club or organizations’ official username. Any other submissions from general members on behalf of a club or organization will not be posted. For additional club usernames, please contact us.

In accordance with the Poster, Paint, and Sign Policy clubs or organizations cannot advertise alcohol as the major focus of the post or event. Please refer to page 77 of the Bryant University Student Handbook for more information.

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